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Anxiety Healing Box

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Anxiety Healing Box
Anxiety Healing Box

Anxiety healing Box

These Crystals have been chosen specifically to work together to reduce anxiety & stress when wearing or carrying with you.

This set includes...
*Worry Dolls
*Handmade White Howlite Bracelet
Crystal Tumble stones to carry with you
Rose Quartz - Stone of Universla Love
Black Tourmaline - Stone of purification
White Howlite - Reduces Anxiety

Beautiful White Howlite healing crystal bracelet, White Howlite is said to be a dominant guardian stone. It can aid in self-awareness, and is helpful in calming the mind. This marbled stone calms the mind & emotions, providing support in releasing attachments to old emotional pain, and can ease stress and anxiety. Howlite can also help reduce insomnia as it relieves and unburdens an overactive mind.

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