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Handmade Bamboo Cotton Reusable Wipes

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Handmade Bamboo Cotton Reusable Wipes

Handmade bamboo cotton reusable wipes 

Set of 7 reusable bamboo/cotton wipes by Little Miss P.

These handmade reusuable make up remover wipes are made from a bamboo and cotton mix terry cloth fabric, and they are backed with a 100% cotton print fabric.

The bamboo/cotton wipes can easily be popped into the washing machine to clean them, instead of being thrown away.

The bamboo and cotton mix fabric is very soft and gentle on skin, and your skin won't feel like it's being pulled when you use them.

The wipes are approx 8x8cm.

Available in 5 designs


zebra stripe 

yellow & white leaves 

grey with white stars