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Large Wellbeing Box With Black Obsidian

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Large Wellbeing Box With Black Obsidian

Large Wellbeing Box with Black obsidian 

Available in two beautiful box bundles 

standard wellbeing box 

standard wellbeing box with bracelet 

This large wooden Wellbeing box has been chosen specifically with the Crystal SnowFlake Obsidian in mind.
The box contains :-
A Black Obsidian Face Roller - Created to decrease facial and under-eye puffiness, the cooling stone resembles a mini paint roller and is a gentle, relaxing tool for facial massage. Black Obsidian is an important stone used in healing and is believed to assist in releasing disharmony and stimulating the gift of prophecy. Suitable for all skin types.
Crescent Moon Trinket Dish - This ceramic trinket dish is shaped like a crescent moon and features a cool triple moon design. Ideal for holding jewellery or your crystals.
Snow Flake Obsidian crystal Tumble Stone - Snowflake Obsidian removes negative energy from a space or person with ease, it is a protective stone and shield against negativity.

One mini White resin Thai buddha  

made with love from Aly Bee Wirral 

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