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Finding Your Internal Peace

Finding Your Internal Peace...

Here at Boss Birds Parlour we are proud to have the wonderful ladies from Noubalm as part of our stockist team.

As most of you will know our ethos is all about feeling good inside and out, we took some time out this week to hear from Sara, founder of Noubalm and therapist Mia to find out more about their products and how they can help you find your internal peace, here's what the ladies had to say...


At Noubalm we produce 100% natural and organic products to suit each individual. We aim specifically to help everybody, in more ways than one.


Self care is essential in everyday life but it is something in which we do not often make time for. However, taking care of your body, health and mental well-being is so important.


“Think positive, be positive!”


We can help you take a huge step towards self-care with our Internal Peace Range. Our Box Of Calm is aimed so you can find your internal peace morning, noon and night. The complete range is specifically made to help ease stress, anxiety and depression.




Internal Peace Pulse Oil -

Open your heart to happiness and self acceptance with our 100% natural organic blend of balancing essential oils. A light combination that eases an overcrowded mind whilst calming nerves and encouraging peace and positivity. The Internal Peace Pulse Oil is easy to roll onto your wrists and temples whenever needed. Take a minute to breathe in the uplifting blend of essential oils whilst continuing your day feeling at ease, calm and balanced, with no sense of anxiety or fear.


Inner Peace Pulse Point Oil



Internal Peace Bath & Shower Oil -

The hand-blended oils in Noubalm’s pleasurable bath and shower oil will provide a relief from stress, anxiety, tension and depression whilst soothing an overcrowded mind and a tired body. Add a generous amount to your running water and swirl the product with your hands to distribute the oil evenly throughout the water. Take 20 minutes out to deeply relax, breathe in the calming blend of essential oils then sleep your evening away feeling calm, centred and balanced.


Bath and Shower Oil


Internal Peace Soy Candle -

A beautiful hand poured soy wax healing Internal Peace Candle filled with 100% natural aromas to help ease stress, anxiety and depression.


Internal Peace Soy Candle



Noubalm Internal Peace Tea -  

For anxiety, depression and deep inner fear. Noubalm Healing Tea bags can be used up to 4 times and are available in a bag of 10 tea bags. Ingredients: Peppermint, pink pepper, rose petals, white tea, dragon pearls, lemon balm, chamomile.

Drink throughout the day to aid relaxation and release stress.




The above products are all available to purchase, Please click each image for more details, or you can Click HERE to view the whole Noubalm range.


And one final thought...Do what you can to stay safe & well, and remember there is always time for You x

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