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Summer Crystal Guide - For A More Positive, Energetic Summer Season

Lisa Luscombe

Summer Crystal Guide 
For a more positive and energetic Summer
Summer Crystal Guide
Summer should be a season of abundance, filled with brighter days, blooming flowers and taking time out to rest and relax. 
That would of course be our ideal summer vibe, but with long days and the pressure of keeping the kids entertained or attending every social event you're invited to, sometimes we get overwhelmed and end up in what I like to call the dreaded summer slump. Yep you're not alone it can happen to us all. 
It's for this reason I always turn to my go to summer crystals, those that help harness our positive energies and work in alignment with the season. Read on and discover what crystals you should be working with this season...
Citrine crystal stone

My first pick has to be Citrine! - This gorgeous crystal makes you feel like you're carrying a slice of the sun around with you, it not only carries the power of the sun but it is also a powerful manifestation stone which will bring light, happiness and abundance into your day. On days when we're not feeling as bright as we should this little pocket rocket will literally open the curtains for you and let your own light shine through. It's a must for providing a positive mental attitude.
Aquamarine Crystal stone
Aquamarine  - Cool down in the heat of the summer with the calming and soothing properties of the ocean. This magical crystal will encourage you to just chill a little more and move through your day light hearted and care freejust as the gentle rhythm of the ocean flows. This is exactly the mood you want on a beautiful dreamy summers day wouldn't you agree? 
Clear Quartz crystal stone
Clear Quartz - Lets amplify those energy levels! Clear quartz is a master healing stone which can be used to increase not only your energy but also the energy of your other healing stones. Clear quartz will help provide a clear mind whist promoting positivity and gentle protection. 
Along with these gorgeous summer crystals, at Boss Birds Parlour we always like to start our day with a positive mindset.
The way we start our day generally sets the tone for the day ahead so don't forget to add a minute or two of positive thinking each morning and you'll be set for your best summer yet! 
morning mantra
Along with all the above you can find our full crystal collection and discover the perfect crystal for you on our website 
Have a great summer, love and peace Lisa x 

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