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How to get a good nights sleep

Lisa Luscombe

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be that person who goes to bed and instantly falls asleep? 

I know I have, like seriously I'm the best form of neighbourhood watch there has ever been and my senses are sharper than Spiderman's, any noise and I'm at the window like an excited meerkat, which actually drives my partner insane and 9 out of 10 times its just our local foxes on the hunt for some scran, but the boredom of lying in bed waiting for sleep to come can really get to a girl. 

So here I am, sat in a shop full of amazing products on world sleep day and realised that actually, there are so many things in our beautiful Wirral based gift shop that could help me and many others find that perfect nights sleep. Not only that but as most of you will know our shop is 100% Vegan I'd say that was a win win situation.

So here's my top finds today in Boss Birds Parlour to help you (and me!) catch some zzzzz's

1) Noubalm's Beauty Sleep Miracle Tea - This beautiful blend of 100% organic healing herbal tea blend is just what you need for beautifying whilst helping ease you into a meditative sleep. This is a real life hug in a mug, with apple, lemongrass, rosehip, chamomile, lavender, black pepper, peppermint, cud weed, tusil, cardamom, marigold & valerian you will be sure to have heavy eyes that want to drift into a heavy sleep. I mean lets face it who doesn't want beauty and sleep! this is definitely worth a sip I'd say and as a bonus tip each tea bag can be used up to 4 times meaning you get so much more for your money.

2) Amethyst - This powerful healing crystal is the most popular crystal used for sleep because of it's soothing serene frequency, wearing this stone or having it in your sleep environment will help you feel instantly relaxed. We have a fabulous collection of amethyst healing crystal items in the parlour including pendant's, tumble stones and bracelets you can take a look at our full collection Here.


3) Relaxaholic Bubble Block - Did you know that having a bath of an evening changes your body's core temperature, yep there is a reason your mum or dad  used to give you a bath as part of your night time routine when you were a baby. The bath actually lowers your temperature which lets the body know its time for sleep. But a baths no fun without a load of bubbles to sink into and we have the perfect solution! just snap off a slice of the block, hold under the tap and watch the luxurious bubbles appear. This relaxing mix of scents is designed to help loosen muscles, tingle the senses and drift you off to sleep.

4) Dreamcatcher - Who am I to argue with the legends! dreamcatchers have been used for centuries, designed like a spiders web to protect you from bad dreams and evil spirits but allowing all the good dreams to pass through the hanging beads and feathers to you whilst you are sleeping. Not only this but these beautiful handmade wooden dreamcatchers are the perfect addition to make your bedroom look like a dream itself. 

5) Tropic so sleepy kit - This mighty duo of temple balm and pillow mist is 100% naturally derived to help you enjoy a peaceful nights sleep, just apply the balm onto your temples before bed and breath deeply to inhale the aroma therapeutic essential oils, once the balm is applied you can then spray your pillow 2-3 times with the mist , you'll think your in paradise floating on a fluffy cloud with this heavenly scent.

and last but not least, this is my biggest tip of the day, why not try a good old meditation, there is so many free to listen channels on you tube, one of my favourite channels to listen to is Deepak Chopra, just put his name in the search bar on you tube, seriously this guy knows his stuff he is like the definition of chilled out goodness for the soul.

Here's to a good nights sleep! 

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