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Sparkling Bling In Lockdown

Lisa Luscombe

A new month in lockdown! I can hear you thinking Arhh what am I going to do to keep busy now?

We've been seeing lots of posts and blogs on keeping your homes clean, everyone is hinching away, but lets face it there's only so many times you can clean the skirting boards. This week we got to catch up with our lovely jeweller, Wendy from Marigold Jewellery who had some fabulous tips on keeping your bling sparkling. 

Here's what Wendy had to say...

Hi Lovely Ladies, I hope you are all keeping well at this time, it makes you truly appreciate normality, I can’t wait to get back to it, to be able to see the rest of my gorgeous family and to just simply wander, it doesn’t really matter where, right now Primark would be bliss 😊

As I sit trying to untangle a matted mess of tarnished silver necklace chains for a friend (roll’s eyes, some friend haha) it reminds me to tell you lovely lot about cleaning your silver jewellery. Tarnishing on silver is a natural process, you can’t stop it but you can slow down how quickly it happens. Never put your hands in water or bathe whilst wearing your jewellery, not only will it increase the rate of tarnishing but if it is the elasticated type of bracelet water, washing up liquid, showering, perfume and cleaning products can all accelerate the elastic to go brittle and snap.

Angel Wing Crystal Bracelet

I had a customer who sent some jewellery to me saying that she was a fan of silver but found that it always tarnished and she wondered was it something she was doing wrong. I asked her some usual questions, do you wear them in the shower or wash dishes with them on etc, she said no, I always take them off and leave them on the window sill whenever I’m around water (in direct sunlight) and herein lies the problem, silver is just on of those metals that needs a bit of TLC but like most things, if you look after it, it’s well worth it.

Dragonfly Bracelet

The solution to keeping you bling sparkling is easy, either treat your jewellery to a silver cleaning cloth, the cloth will be impregnated with a substance that gives your silver a ‘good as new’ shine, or you can buy a tub of cleaning solution that you ‘bath’ the silver in for approx. 30 seconds (always read individual instructions) dry them off with a soft cloth and again your lovely jewellery will sparkle as new.

I keep my silver jewellery in a dish on my dressing table but wrapped in the cleaning cloth so that whatever I want to wear its always ready to just pop on (with a bit of lipstick and a smile 😊)  

Feel free to ask me any questions or queries about your jewellery and I will try my best to answer, remember I am happy to repair any of your Chlobo style jewellery if needed.

Stay safe everyone, this lockdown wont last forever, love and light (and virtual hugs)

Wendy @Marigold Jewellery

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